Best hardtail mountain bikes

8+ Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Hardtail Mountain Bikes are the standard in Mountain Bikes in most offroad applications. A Hardtail Mountain Bike by definition is a Mountain Bike that has front suspension accompanied by a solid rear (no suspension and directly connected to the frame).

The Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes on the market are using this configuration and is used by many professional bikes and bike riders. We’ve compiled a list of 8 the Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes We’ve added 8 bikes to our list and 

Feel free to look at each one and decide which one is best for you. Detailed specs will be included, so you will be able to form your opinion quickly and possibly be ready to buy the bike of your dreams by the end of this article!

1. Diamondback Hook Complete Mountain Bike


Best hardtail mountain bikes

Starting out on our Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes list is the DiamondBack Hook.  What makes the Hook Diamondback bike stand out is its modern frame that has the same low-slung look that fans of the product have already fallen in love with.

There is something about owning a hardtail bike with a design that pleases the eye that you can’t replicate that easily.

We decided to choose this bike and add it to our list since we were impressed with the way in which it performed on steep trails.

If you wanted to go downhill on a rocky trail and you wanted to ensure that your bike will be able to be maneuvered easily if there was ever a troublesome bump in your path then look no further.

This one is best described by the words stability, maneuverability, safety, and comfort. If you want to take it out for a test run on one of your local trails, then you are more than welcome to do so.

You will find yourself with a faithful companion that will turn out to be your best friend in the long run, whether you take this bike out to exercise, to enjoy a breath of fresh air or to commute from one destination to another.

The options are endless, and the fact that it can stand up to the challenge is one of the things that we liked about it.

Detailed specs:

  • Wheel size: 27.5 inches
  • Tire size:
  • Item weight: 31 pounds
  • Number of gears: SRAM X3 with eight speed cogset
  • Frame Material: Aluminum

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2. Columbia KM One 260inch Hardtail Men’s Mountain Bike

Best hardtail mountain bikes

For those of you that do not know, Columbia is one of the first established bicycle companies in the US. During all of this time, they have managed to amount vast levels of experience and technological advancements that they decided to implement in their latest products.

This can be easily seen with the bike that we have decided to pick to be on this list.

What stood out to us was the fact that this bike is the perfect entry-level option for someone interested in buying a hardtail bike but not yet confident if they are going to like the product.

For an entry-level product, we get a bike that promises enormous levels of fun while you take it out on a ride.

You can take it out for a leisure stroll on a day off or use it aggressively on a steep path, ready to push it to the limit and test out just how far it can go and just how well it can carry you around.

The aluminum frame ensures that the bike is lightweight and able to reach high speeds with ease, but its other components are an indicator that the manufacturer considered not only speed, but also durability and safety while developing the parts for it.

Overall, this is one of our top picks, and it has made the list as a cheap model with a lot to offer, from which you can, later on, invest in a more expensive bike that has specs which fit your new needs.

Detailed specs:

  • Wheel size: 26 inches
  • Tire size: 26″x2.1″
  • Item weight: 35.2 pounds
  • Number of gears: 24-speed EZ-Fire Plus shifters
  • Frame Material: Aluminum

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3. Merax Finiss 26’’ Aluminum Mountain Bike

best hardtail mountain bikes

This is perhaps one of those mountain bikes where you have to test it out to believe that it is as good as it sounds. What we liked about this bike (and the reason why it got to be on this list) is the fact that it perfectly combines a low price range with the amount of quality that one can expect from an entry-level bike.

Coming in at around the $300 mark, this bad boy fits in with our entry-level position in our Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes list.

What we always want to look out for is a cheap alternative, where cheapness does not mean lack of quality. It is always important to look out for a less expensive bike that can still offer you the best that your money can buy.

For someone that is just starting to do their research on the best bikes on the lower end of the spectrum, adding a bike from a well-known company who can perform well under pressure regardless of the small price tag can make the most difference.

What do we like about this bike? Think of this as your childhood friend, the bike that you take out on small runs where you explore and experience the outdoors.

Go on a hike and take the time to enjoy the nature around you. This old friend will make sure that you are safe and comfortable during your journey.

Take it back home and later on think fondly of the time you two had together. A first time bike can be a long-term friend with the proper care and attention, and such is the case with this bike as well.



Detailed specs:

  • Wheel size: 26″ Double Wall Aluminum Rims
  • Item weight: 44 pounds
  • Number of gears: 21 speeds
  • Frame Material: Heat Treated Aluminum
  • Suspension type: Suspension Fork Alloy 80mm Travel 

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4. DiamondBack Overdrive 29 inch

DiamondBack has become associated with incredible efficiency and precision, and this is the case with this bike as well.

As some of you may know, wanting to have premium quality does not imply that the product has to have a premium price tag and this bike is the perfect embodiment of this very notion. Sitting at the entry level space of the market the DiamondBack Overdrive is great value for money in anyone’s mind. A handbuilt frame tops off the quality of this weekend machine. 

DiamondBack have positioned themselves in the market to include all different types of Mountain Bikes of different price ranges and the Diamondback Overdrive comes at the lower end of our Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes list.

Moreover, what we liked about this particular product was the fact that it had everything that we want to see in a hardtail bike with a price tag that goes easy on someone’s wallet.

Overdrive is known to offer you a smooth ride over rocky patches of terrain, and this is probably what everyone thinks about when they decide to buy a mountain bike. Check out the specs below for further details.



Detailed specs:

  • Wheel size: 29’’
  • Tire size:  2’’
  • Number of gears:  24 Speed
  • Frame Material: Handmade Aluminum Alloy

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5.Diamondback Bicycle Line Hardtail Mountain Bike

One thing that we inevitably think about when we see a Diamondback bike is that they are one of the best when it comes to hardtail mountain bike options.

This can be seen from the vast number of Diamondback bikes that we have decided to include in this article. One of the best features we thought about the DiamondBack is the color scheme.

Bright colors enhance the features of this offroad machine which is why we’ve added it to our Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes top 8 list.

However, what makes this one stand out from the rest is the fact that his a classic model of a hardtail bike that is able to face any terrain challenge with the added benefit of having a new revamped design.

The company itself has decided to nickname this bike a “modern machine,” and we cannot disagree with them when it comes to this.

What this bike has that others do not is a low-slung frame. This allows you to position your center of gravity lower than with other models, which then leads to having a bike that is more stable.

Stability then leads to having more control and the safety that the rough terrain will not damage the bike regardless of the speed that you decide to go at.

We do not see this very often with many of the other bike designs that are available on this list which is why we chose to include the Diamondback line hardtail bike.

Another thing to consider is the fact that the bike is not only reliable but also easy on the eyes as well. It comes with a modern geometric design that compliments every curve of the frame in a way that will only draw the eye and create an aesthetically pleasing image.

For the price range and what this bike promises to offer, this I certainly an option that is not to be overlooked when one considers making a purchase.

Detailed specs:

  • Wheel size: 27.5 inches DB SL-7 Double wall wheels
  • Number of gears: 1×9-speed drivetrain
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Price Point: $850
  • Suspension type: SR Suntour XCR 120mm travel fork

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6.Diamondback Bicycles Sync’s 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike

As it seems to happen yet again during this article, we jump from one Diamondback bike to another. Sitting in the over $1000 mark category, the  Sync’s Hardtail has all the features of a high-end bike. Wrapped in a deep purple skin, it’s definitely a bike you’d want to show off at the track.

This made our Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes list coming in the over $1000 mark category. The Sync’s is one of the best models to come out from Diamondback in the hardtail department.

DiamondBack has translated this bike into a sturdy bike, ready to blast down even the hardest and rockiest of trails and make the ride as comfortable as possible.

The full-suspension is partly to thank for the way in which this bike takes turns, goes uphill and downhill at incredible speeds. Trigger shift tops off the usability and quality of the Sync’s components.

Detailed specs:

  • Wheel size:  27.5’’
  • Item weight: 30 pounds
  • Number of gears: SRAM NX with 11-speed cogset
  • Frame Material: Aluminum

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7.BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

Coming in at 10.65kg or 22 LBS, the BEIOU Carbon Fiber Hardtail is the lightest Mountain bike we’ve seen in our reviews. With this lightweight machine and tensile strength, the BEIOU Carbon Fiber is a bike that can be used in the toughest and rockiest terrains.

Being such a lightweight mountain bike, uphill resistance is substantially lessened, therefore less energy is exerted during the ride.

Overall the reasons why the BEIOU is on our Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes list is because of the high-quality build and materials used to create this feather of a bike

Sporting a high-end 30 speed (3×10) , and quality Shimano components, the BEIOU Carbon Fiber is a great find in the high-end category, coming in at around the $1200 mark.








Detailed specs:

  • Wheel size: 26’’
  • Item weight: 10.65 kg/ 22 pounds
  • Number of gears: 3*10 Speed, Hidden
  • Frame Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Suspension type: Front Fork Suspension

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8.OMAAI 26’’ Hardtail Mountain Bike

Joining our Best hardtail mountain bikes is a cheaper variant.Creating a contrast between this one and the previous two pricier variants, but because we believe that his bike can offer you just as much quality while also being affordable.

If we pair this with the fact that the bike is so cheap that it can quickly make number one on a list of most affordable bikes, we were also pleasantly surprised to read its specs.

Usually, we do not expect much when we are only ready to dish out 250 dollars on a new hardtail bike but, as per always, there will still be something out there that exceeds our expectations. 

The first thing that stands out with the  OMMAI hardtail is the radical styling.Orange grey and white trim finish off the aggressive looks, along with custom mud guards adding a final practical solution to the mud issues that may arise on the trail




Detailed specs:

  • Wheel size: 26’’
  • Item weight: 44.1 pounds
  • Number of gears: 26-speed Derailleurs and Shifters
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes

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 PriceImageMountain Bike


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Best hardtail mountain bikesDiamondback Hook Complete Mountain Bike


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Best hardtail mountain bikesColumbia KM One 260inch Hardtail Men’s Mountain Bike


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Merax Finiss 26’’ Aluminum Mountain Bike


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DiamondBack Overdrive 29 inch


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Diamondback Bicycle Line Hardtail Mountain Bike


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Diamondback Bicycles Sync’s 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike


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BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike


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OMAAI 26’’ Hardtail Mountain Bike


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