best women's mountain bikes

What are the best women’s mountain bikes?

We take a look at some of the world’s best women’s mountain bikes which will get you on the dirt in no time!

Choosing the best women’s mountain bike can be a long and tedious process when it comes to finding the right bike to suit your needs. Do I really need dual suspension? Do I really need SR Suntour XCT Coils and shocks? 

We will break down the top 5 women’s’ bikes that will be sure to get you out hitting the trails, and less time contemplating which one to pick

How do we review the best women’s mountain bikes?

To pick the best women’s mountain bikes, a lot of research needs to be done before making the decision to make a purchase. From the number of gears installed on the bike to included accessories to having one with the right padding on the seat.

It does get confusing for someone who hasn’t had much exposure to bike shopping. We review every aspect of the bike to help you make your decision a little bit easier on you and your wallet.

Things to take into consideration

There are a few things to take into consideration before choosing a women’s mountain bike.

What are you going to be using the bike for? Are you going to be hitting the trails or are more likely to be riding on flat smooth surfaces?

Check our short quickstart guide below to get you started on choosing the type of bike for your needs

Tyre Choice

There are essentially 2 types of tyres used when it comes to purchasing the best women’s mountain bike for your needs. Knobbly and hybrid. Although they are both great styles of tyres, they do both have their pros and cons.

Where are you spending the majority of your time riding? Is it on the beach or is it around local parks and fields.

best women's bike

Knobbly Tyres

Knobbly tyres are a great choice for anyone that spend the majority of their time cycling on rough or bumpy terrain. These tyres disperse water rapidly, therefore there is less chance for a slideout or “Aquaplane” during turning in the wet weather

Semi-Offroad / Hybrid

These tyres are also used for rough environments, although the hybrid versions provide a smoother more efficient ride, the control is greatly reduced when riding through mud and sandy terrain, so more effort will be required to keep the bike stable when riding through these types of terrains. This should be taken into consideration, especially if you plan on using this bike solely for offroad purposes.


There are usually 2 main types of brakes found on modern mountain bikes which are V-brakes and disc brakes. Let’s take a quick look at the two so you can make a decision on which ones best for your needs


V-brakes are the common style of brake on most modern entry level brake systems. They are a simple yet effective brake system. Although they are quite effective and will stop your bike as good as disc brakes, they lifespan of v-brakes are less than disc. You may find that the rubber may wear off quicker than disc and you may need to replace them sooner than you think.

V-brakes are also a lot more unstable in wet weather. If water gets on the wheel rim, there is less friction between the caliper and the rim, resulting in less stopping power

Expect v-brakes to be on entry level bikes, but FYI these types of brakes may require more maintenance in the long run

Disc brakes

A disc brake consists of a metal disc, or “rotor”, attached to the wheel hub that rotates with the wheel. Calipers are attached to the frame or fork along with pads that squeeze

the rotors for braking.

Disc brakes are the go-to style of brake system on most newer Women’s mountain bikes and provide the best stopping power and longevity of any brake system.

They are an all-weather style and are hard wearing addition to your offroad machine.

Most higher end or full quality mountain bikes will come standard with disc brakes, although expect to pay a little more for this option


Standard Women’s Sizing Guide

Women’s mountain bikes generally come in sizes that range from XS to Large. XS size bikes would be more suited towards children

The large frame bike, on the other hand, would suit taller riders of 5’10” or above.

Please see our frame sizing guide below to get a rough guide on which bike would suit you best and create a more comfortable riding experience.

Feet and Inches Centimetres Inches Size
4′ 10″ – 5′ 2″ 148 – 158 13 – 14 XS
5′ 2″ – 5′ 6″ 158 -168 15 – 16 S
5′ 6″ – 5′ 10″ 168 – 178 17 – 18 M
5′ 10″ – 6′ 1″ 178 – 185 19+ L

Top 10 Women’s Mountain Bikes

We’ll jump right in here and have a look at some of the world’s best women’s mountain bikes. There are some really great buys in here and in a matter of time I hope you can make a more informed decision before buying your new riding companion. I’ve compiled a 10 step list of my best picks which are in no specific order.


1. Raleigh Bikes Women’s Eva 3 Mountain Bike

best women's mountain bikesBased in England and having made bikes for over 130 years the Raleigh bike company are committed to quality and overall value to their customers.

The Raleigh Eva 3 is an all-round offroad machine.

Featuring SR Suntour, 27.5″ 75mm travel front suspension forks the Eva 3 has great front movement in rough terrain.

Comes built with a custom Aluminium frame, offering a low standover height for making getting off and on the bike an easier task than some other manufacturers.

Front and rear disc brakes complete the package, giving you enough stopping power in all conditions – Wet, dry and offroad.

Quick Specs

  • Wheel Size:27.5 inches
  • Item Weight:30.2 pounds
  • Frame Material:Aluminum
  • Number Of Gears:21
  • Suspension Type:front-suspension

Best women's mountain bikes



  • Easy to assemble
  • Front and Rear disc brakes
  • 21 Speed Shimano



  • Drink Holder not included


2.Diamondback  Lux 1 27.5 Womens Hardtail Mountain Bike

best women's bike

Originating as a sole BMX bike company, DiamonBack have now moved into the mountain Bike market, creating stunning and functional mountain bikes since 1990.

All in all Diamondback bicycles have set themselves in the mid-range market, usually catering to the $200-$600 range bike shoppers. With a sleek design and eye-catching shades, the Diamondback Lux 1 is a fine example of a robust offroad bike that will get you through the day even in rough and challenging terrain.

Quick specs

  • Wheel Size:27.5 inches
  • Item Weight:31 lbs
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Number Of Gears:24
  • Suspension Type:front-suspension

best women's bike



  • Easy to assemble and up and running in around 20-40 minutes
  • Front and Rear disc brakes
  • 24 speed gearing



  • Drink holder and stand not included



3.Diamondback Clarity 2 Hybrid

Best women's mountain bike

Adding to the best women’s mountain bikes leaderboard is the stunning Diamondback Clarity 2  Hybrid Mountain Bike. Sporting an elegant sloped frame, the Clarity 2 is well suited to the female body shape. This is a fine example of a hybrid style Women’s mountain bike at an affordable price.

Normally retailing at around the $300-$500 mark, the Diamondback Clarity 2 is a great mid-range women’s mountain bike that can tackle the dirt as well as cruise the pavement. The Clarity 2 is bundled with front and rear disc brakes, 21-speed gearing system.

The clarity 2 has also been designed for easy installation of added accessories such as fender guards and cargo racks – turning it into an urban transporter in no time flat

Quick Specs

  • Item Weight:27 lbs
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Number Of Gears:21 Shimano
  • Suspension Type:front-suspension

Best women's mountain bike



  • Lighter than most other of its size at 27lbs
  • Sleek design for easy riding
  • Hybrid style, great for offroad and onroad uses



  • Stand not included
  • Does not have any suspension components or shock absorbers


4.Diamondback Bicycles Lux Women’s Hardtail Mountain Bike

Joining our top 10 list is the Lux Hardtail Women’s mountain bike. A nimble beast at heart, the Lux is quite an achiever in the mountain bike world. The quality built aluminum frame is lightweight and sturdy in any up or downhill climbs.

The body is designed for the female rider in mind – accommodating for a wide range of body shapes and sizes. The Lux has great clearance for getting on and off the bike.

Having a range of 80mm travel on the front shock absorbers, the Lux is a real offroad women’s mountain bike. Assisting in your offroad journey is the huge offroad tyres, which are sure to keep you upright and intact even on really rough terrain

Stopping power comes from the oversizes Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc w/ 160mm Rotors which will bring you to a halt even in wet weather and damp conditions.

Trim and drive train are also provided by Shimano, which adds an extra level of confidence on buying a bike with a trusted and reputable parts and accessories.

Quick Specs

  • Item Weight:31 lbs
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Number Of Gears:24 Shimano
  • Suspension Type:front-suspension

Best women's bike



  • Oversized tyres for all terrain riding
  • Diamondback’s easy assembly guarantee
  • Quality components



  • Doesn’t come with stand
  • Color palette is questionable


5.Royce Union RMA 

Entering in the low-mid range of the best women’s mountain bikes is the Having an extensive history of being a quality low to mid-range option for buyers, The Royce Union brand is a dark horse in the entry level Women’s mountain bike range.

Although not as well known as some of the bigger brands, the Royce Union mountain bikes show great performance while keeping the bike styles from past eras intact.

Moving on from its 1904 founding year, the Royce Union RMA Women’s Mountain bike has the latest in Shimano drivetrain and components

Built with hardened aluminum, the Royce Union Hardtail can withstand the toughest in terrains, from gravel paths to rocky downhill slopes and urban pavements.

Being an all aluminum frame, the Royce Union RMA is completely rust free and is much lighter than steel for fast acceleration and nimble turning abilities

The Royce Union RMA comes 90% assembled so you can spend less time building and more time riding.

Frame sizes range from 15 inches to 28 inches, so everybody shape and body type have been accounted for.

Upgraded front shock absorbers protect you from any lumps or bump that you may encounter along the street or offroad trails

Slimline knobbly tyres provide a streamlined ride – reducing ground surface area, therefore providing a smoother and quieter ride. Long rides are easier thanks to the slimline tyres which keep the bike rolling for longer using the same amount of pedal power that would normally be used

Slight-rise handlebars provide a more upright riding position, which helps with posture during long rides

A 10 year warranty tops off the great features that Royce Union has been able to achieve on their newest arrival to the Women’s mountain bike market

Quick Specs


  • Wheel Size:27.5 inches
  • Frame Material:Aluminum
  • Number Of Speeds:21



  • Trigger Shift – easy gear change
  • 10 year Warranty
  • Cheaper than most in it’s category



  • Hybrid tyres may not be suitable for extreme offroad riding


6. Kent KZR women’s Mountain Bike

Best women's bike

The KZR from Kent Bicycles is a no-nonsense hardtail mountain bike with some great features that accommodate offroad and on-road situations. Featuring Shimano 21 speed gearing, the KZR will shift with ease.

Stopping power comes from rubber calibers which is enough for most applications.

Striking color scheme finishes off the KZR which puts it amongst the sportiest looking women’s mountain bike in the low end of the mountain bike range

Quick Specs

  • Gearing:21 speed
  • Wheel diameter:26 inch
  • Frame size:17 inch
  • Color : white,Teal


  • Quality solid build
  • Cheaper than most on the market



  • Heavier at 44 lbs
  • Rubber rear brakes instead of disc

7. Diamonback Line Hardtail Women’s Mountain Bike

Entering the best women’s mountain bikes list in the mid-high range category is the Diamon Line Hardtail Mountain Bike.

As soon as you set your eyes on this you know the line Hardtail means business. From the bright wheels rims to the upgraded performance handlebars – although this has been designed for semi advanced users, this bike would suit anyone looking to get into serious trail riding.

The Diamondback women’s mountain bike comes with a handbuilt frame, constructed of 6061-t6 aluminum alloy which is light yet durable at the same time.

A lot of work has gone into this bike making sure it meets the standards of the most advanced riders. Having a 120mm travel on the front forks, it shows that this bike is meant to be taken off-road, and it only takes one look at it to realize that that was diamondback’s mission from the start.

best women's mountain bikesThe drivetrain is a 9 speed (9×1) with chain guide, that delivers simple, hassle-free gear changes every time. Wheels are 27.5 inch double walled wheels which are strong, yet nimble amongst the rough terrain of the outdoors

We’ve moved onto the more advanced bikes on the market, and with that comes a lot more technical features that are bundled with the bike.

The Diamondback link Hardtail was built with speed and performance in mind. Turning the bike at high speed creates a lot of instability for the bike and the rider, which is why Diamondback have ensured that the center of gravity is as low as possible – ensuring stable balance at speed, when cornering or changing direction suddenly.

A single ring 9 speed gearing system ensures there is minimal chain and gear interfearance when riding rough terrain at high speed. A 9 gear configuration provides the a minimal chance of a full chain derail during high performance rides and larger drops

Quick Specs

Gears:9 speed
Wheel Diameter : 27.5 inch
Brakes:Front and Rear oversized disc



  • Quality solid build using  6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame
  • Hydraulic Front and Rear Disc Brakes
  • High-quality soft compound off road tyres
  • 120mm travel in front shock absorbers
  • no drop chain for stunts and harder riding techniques



  • No stand
  • Higher performance = stiffer ride than some of the other mountain bikes

8 .Diamondback Women’s Clutch 2 Full Suspension Mountainbike

best women's mountain bike
Entering our “best women’s mountain bikes” list in the higher end category is the Diamondback women’s clutch 2 mountain bike.

By now you’ve noticed that Diamondback is getting a few mentions in this post. They have really set a benchmark with their entire range, creating an amazing product from beginner bikes all the way up to women’s professional mountain bikes like this.

Now, this is not your average bike, nor is it the type of bike you would take down the shop to pick up some milk. Priced at between $2000-$3000 in some cases, the DiamondBack Clutch 2 is in a league of its own.

This bike has been designed to be thrown into the deep end of some of the worlds hardest terrain. Backing up the story is a dual suspension setup which can take the strain off a hard landing or when the track gets a little rough.

The suspension has an amazing 130-150mm of travel which is enough to withstand the biggest and hardest of rocks and rough potholes.

The bike is 85% built so there is minimal downtime before you hit the slopes

For ease of use and user change, seat comes with gas lift dropper post, which is a great addition from switching from tough terrain and moving on downhill sections

Rims are set in a wider stance which provides more stability during turning and hard terrain.Tyres are tubeless which provide  more stability than the standard tubed counterpart

SRAM GX 1×11 speed drivetrain with Race Face Affect cranks. Durable and dependable performance without breaking the bank.

Best womens mountain bike




  • Comes with a shock pump, a torque wrench, mud guard
  • Stepperpost seat included
  • High quality build and components



  • No stand
  • Price – Coming in at between $2000-$3000 it may break the bank for the novice rider

PriceImageMountain BikeFeatures
See best priceBest women's mountain bikesRaleigh Eva 3 Mountain BikeGearing : 21 speed
Size : 27.5"
Suspension : Front Shocks only
Tyres :Knobbly
Brakes :Front and rear disc
See best pricebest women's bikeDiamondback Lux 1
Womens Hardtail Mountain Bike
Gearing : 24 speed
Size : 27.5"
Suspension : Front Shocks only
Brakes:Front and rear disc
See best priceDiamondback Women's Clarity 2Gearing:21 speed
Frame Material: Aluminium Suspension Type:Solid forks, No Shock absorbers
See best priceBest womens mountain bikeDiamondback Lux Women’s Hardtail Mountain BikeItem Weight:31 lbs
Frame Material: Aluminum
Number Of Gears:24 Shimano
Suspension Type:front-suspension
See best priceBest women's mountain bikeRoyce Union RMA Women's Mountain BikeWheel Size:27.5 inches
Frame Material:Aluminum
Number Of Speeds:21
See best priceBest women's mountain bikeKent KZR women’s Mountain BikeGearing:21 speed
Wheel diameter:26 inch
Frame size:17 inch
Color : white,Teal
See best priceBest women's mountain bikeDiamonback Line Hardtail Women’s Mountain BikeGears:9 speed
Wheel Diameter : 27.5 inch
Brakes:Front and Rear oversized disc
See best priceBest women's mountain bikeDiamondback Women’s Clutch 2 Full Suspension MountainbikeGears:11 speed
Wheel Diameter : 27.5 inch
Brakes:Front and Rear oversized disc
Suspension:front and rear suspension with 150mm front travel


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