Diamondback overdrive

Diamondback overdriveDiamondback is a very reputable brand in the bicycle world. So when we heard about the Diamondback Overdrive Sport, we were quite happy with the idea that there will be a wonderful Diamondback bike with a budget-minded approach in mind. The benefit that comes from one model like this is it’s very interesting to use, and it brings in front all the benefits and quality you want in a very comprehensive package.

What is the Diamondback Overdrive Sport?

This is a great hardtail classic bike. It’s not very complex, nor does it have to be in that regard. The look on this bike is impressive, and that’s maybe the nicest thing about it. But in addition to that, it’s also super fast, and it can easily work great even if you go up the mountain with it. This is a rugged bike, and you can easily use it even in the most challenging situations if you want to.

The Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Sport is an introductory bike for people that want to do professional mountain biking. Our tests showed that it’s great for gravel roads and it even performed well on wooden trails too, which is always a nice thing to have.

Diamondback overdrive

We liked the fact that it has rugged tires, as that’s one of the nifty benefits you can rarely get from a model like this, so you should totally check it out.

Accelerating with the Diamondback Overdrive Sport is very simple and fun. They did a very good job at letting you keep the acceleration under control even when you go downhill. Having that sort of control can change your life, and it’s amazing how great it can all become with just a few adjustments like this.


What we like about the Diamondback Overdrive Sport is that it has front suspension. Most bikes like this tend to have the suspension at some point in the back. But that’s not ok for you. Front suspensions are a much better option. And at a 27.5 tire bike needs proper suspensions especially when you go offroad. We had no problem with it in this regard, and yes, it definitely delivers when it comes to quality and value unlike never before.

The 27 gears added to the unit may not seem like much at first, but you get to obtain the results and quality you can expect from a product like this. The aluminum alloy hardtail frame makes the unit durable and also light. We had a very hard time getting used to this combination on other bikes, as it just doesn’t feel natural. But in the case of this bike, it makes a lot of sense. At around 30 lbs 10 oz, this bike is actually very light and carrying it around isn’t going to be that much of a problem.

Where can you use the Diamondback Overdrive Sport?

We found this bike to be super good in the case of gravel roads, mountain trails and gravel areas. It’s also very impressive on the road too, but you get the utmost benefit if you start using it outside of the city. That being said, the city performance is still more than ok, and you just can’t ask more than that in the end. We are very happy with the quality and attention to detail that they put into this unit. It looks great, and at the same time, it also has all the big boy equipment and features that you just can’t find nowadays on a product like this.

Diamondback overdriveThe SR Suntour suspension fork is extremely impressive, and it definitely brings in front some of the nicest and most iconic experiences that you can find out there. A lot of people like the idea of getting a Diamondback Overdrive Sport unit just because it works extremely well offroad and they don’t have to pay a ton of money for stuff like this.

Comfort and control

During our tests we found the Diamondback Overdrive Sport to be very easy to control. The unit does a very good job at bringing you all the necessary control-related features without putting all of that in your face. The brakes work very well and we also like the fact that shifting speeds is natural and intuitive, something that can end up a bit too challenging at times. The seat is a bit too much at times, and it can become uncomfortable during the long roads. But if you get past that and you accommodate with this bike, you will end up loving it.


It’s an aluminum alloy bike, so you do have plenty of durability here. The frame is very powerful, and the wheels, in particular, are super impressive and reliable too. We didn’t have any problem with the wheels, they worked exactly the way we wanted, and that did bring in front some nice benefits.

The Shimano 9-speed drivetrain with 27 gears is great to work with here, and we found the gear changing speed to be very good, spot on for a product like this.  

Should you get this bike?

Diamondback overdriveThe Diamondback Overdrive Sport is a budget-friendly mountain bike. There are many mountain bikes over $1000, so finding one at less than that price is super hard most of the time. In addition, the Diamondback Overdrive Sport is very easy to use and rise and it also has plenty of high tier features that you will enjoy using. Everything is super adjustable and adaptable too, which in the end can also be super exciting and enticing in its own right too! If you’re looking for a very good mountain bike under $1000, then the Diamondback Overdrive Sport is definitely a top choice. It’s efficient, fast and it works exactly the way you want. It’s definitely worth the money!

Diamondback Overdrive



  • Beautiful design
  • Very fast and durable
  • Light and portable
  • Inexpensive



  • The seat can be rather uncomfortable at times
  • The plastic peddles don’t offer a good grip
  • No lockout

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